Online loans without payroll and without a one-click guarantee

Although charging a salary will always increase our chances of getting loans online, you can find entities that lend money to people who do not have a payroll. If you enter a regular and demonstrable remuneration, here you can find out what online loans without payroll you have at your fingertips. Compare between this offer and get the one that best suits you:

How can I get credits online without payroll?

In general, in order to get any credit, it is necessary to have enough income to repay the borrowed money. Therefore, if we do not charge a payroll, we must show that we charge a sufficient amount, such as a pension, a salary as self-employed or an unemployment benefit. In addition, this income should also be periodic and lengthened over time to ensure that we can cope with the reimbursement throughout the life of the loan. Logically, if our income is not enough to pay the fees and meet our monthly expenses, nobody will grant us online loans without payroll or endorsement , except if we can provide a valuable asset as collateral, such as a car or a home of our property.

Normally, the lender will approve our request if the requested loan fee does not exceed 35% or 40% of our income. Therefore, if we want to return an online credit in installments of 350 euros, we must prove that we charge at least 1,000 euros per month. In addition, it will be recommended that we have a good credit history (not having many outstanding debts) and have no unpaid debts recorded in files of defaulters. Also, the lender will also look at our family situation, that is, if we have dependents, if we are married or not, and so on.

Characteristics of alternative income

In the case of not having a payroll, we have already seen that another type of income can be accepted. As we anticipated before, our income must have three characteristics obligatorily so that they are valid at the time of granting us loans online without payroll. Why should my income be sufficient, regular and justifiable?

  • The entities must ensure that we can face the payment of the loan online during the term of the contract. To do so, income must enter our account with a constant periodicity and it is expected that such regularity will be extended over time.
  • When dealing with the reimbursement fee, the entity must ensure that we have the capacity to meet all of our financial obligations . For this it is necessary that we have sufficient income to pay the fee for online loans without payroll and rent, bills and other obligations.
  • The reason why they force our income to be justifiable corresponds to the need to corroborate that the data we give them about the money we receive is real . In addition, it is a way to guarantee that the origin of such income is legal.

Therefore, as long as our income has these three characteristics, it does not matter what type they are likely to be valid for the immediate online loans: payroll, pensions, self-employed income, unemployed benefits, and even scholarships and rental income. In the following video, our expert explains how our income should be:

Documents to be delivered for online loans without payroll

Our income must meet the characteristics mentioned above, but, in addition, we must meet certain conditions in order to access these payday loans via paygreentouch. When requesting this funding we must fill out an application that we must then complete with the delivery of several documents. However, depending on the origin of our income we must deliver one or the other. As a general rule, all applicants must provide their identity document, ID, NIE or passport and a bank statement. In addition, depending on the profile, you must provide:

  • The self-employed have to provide annual summaries of Companies, as well as they can request that they contribute the last Social Security payment and the last registration document as self-employed.
  • If we are pensioners we must present proof of our pension.
  • The unemployment benefit justifies the income of the unemployed.

These are the basic documents to present. However, the entity can request some more. Being a purely online process, they will offer us various options to send them the documents. For example, we can send them by Whatsapp through a photo, by email or by mail, among others.